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Moldovan Associations, National and cultural associations

Moldovan diaspora in the Republic of Lithuania is represented by the Association ”Dacia”, founded in 1989.

President of the Association is Mrs. Lucia Bartkiene (Andriescu), who used to be the editor of the TV show broadcasted for the national communities in Lithuania (LTV National, show „Labas”) and during 2013-2015 years was the president of the Council of National communities in Lithuania.

Among the founding members of the Association are Mrs. Lica Melnic-Zalakeviciene, Mrs. Lucia Bartkiene, Mr. Vasile Lupu, Mr. Alexandru Gâscă, Mr. Ipolit Leca, Mrs. Emilia Paplaitiene.

Currently the Association has about 60 members. According to official sources, the number of persons originating from the Republic of Moldova in Lithuania, according to the data of the last census from 2012, 670 persons were declared Romanians / Moldovans.

Address of the Association ”Dacia”:
Raugykjlos g. 25, or. Vilnius;

In the Republic of Moldova are registered 3 ethnocultural associations:

  • Lithuanian Society (from 1990);
  • Community of Lithuanians (from 1997);
  • Union of Lithuanian Youth (from 1997).