Ministerul Afacerilor Externe și Integrării Europene al Republicii Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Lithuania


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Consular taxes

Consular fees are charged in accordance with the Law on consular fees Nr . 242 of 24.09.2012 , published in the Monitorul Oficial of the R. of Moldova, no. 231-234 on 26.11.2010. Accordint to the mentioned Law, for instance, the consular fees for the visas for the R.of Modova are the following:


No.Type of VisaFee (euros)
1.Type “A” Visa – airport transit20
2.Type “B” Visa – transit visa40
3.Type “C” Visa – short term visa60
4.Type “D” Visa – long term visa80