Ministerul Afacerilor Externe și Integrării Europene al Republicii Moldova

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Lithuania


Consular taxes

Consular fees are charged in accordance with the Law on consular fees Nr . 242 of 24.09.2012 , published in the Monitorul Oficial of the R. of Moldova, no. 231-234 on 26.11.2010. Accordint to the mentioned Law, for instance, the consular fees for the visas for the R.of Modova are the following:


No.Type of VisaFee (euros)
1.Type “A” Visa – airport transit20
2.Type “B” Visa – transit visa40
3.Type “C” Visa – short term visa60
4.Type “D” Visa – long term visa80